Full Rack and Bin Storage  Modular Units

18"w X 94"h X 11" deep
       each unit
Palladio modular wine cellar racking is fabricated from steel and has the presence of'Old World' hand wrought ironwork. The bottles are held in place by a stop at the back, and a radius drop portion at the neck of each bottle. Held this way, the bottle will not fall out of the rack even during an earthquake. Also, the majority of labels are available for viewing. The bin storage units hold the bottles at about a three degree angle up from horizontal; this allows sediment migration to the bottom, and resists working itself out of its bin. The full racked units also hold the bottle at a slight angle depending on the diameter of the bottle.

The Palladio units bolt to each other in three places: once at the base and twice at the back. There are two points in the base that can be bolted to the floor. There are two points at the back of each unit that can be bolted via a mounting bracket to the wall.

The finish shown in the photos is a black powder coat. Other colors of powder coating are available. The racking can also have a ground steel finish with a clear coat. Palladio units in stainless steel, brass,  bronze, and copper can be fabricated.