Peacock-24 Wine Rack

11 3/4"w  X  88 3/4"h

Peacock-24 wine rack is mounted on a stone base, or can be attached directly to the floor. It features a French Art Deco peacock cresting the rack. Intended for all who might want something a little sculptural to rack their wine, it is also very space efficient. This is a Limited Edition line: 100 pieces: signed, dated, and numbered. Holding capacity: twenty-four 750 ml bottles racked, eleven splits (between the racked 750 ml bottles) and approximately eight 750 ml bottles in the bin storage. The racked bottles are held in place by a stop at the back of each bottle, and a half-round drop section at the front for the bottle neck.

Fabricated from mild steel with a ground surface treatment. Powder coating colors are also available. Peacock-24 racks in stainless steel, brass, bronze, and copper can be fabricated for an up charge
. Intended to be a sculptural standing wine rack.