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Fireplace Doors w/ artwork

Over all: 31-3/16"h  X 43-1/32" 
   Finish: ground steel w/ clear coat

The fitted doors are hinged to a metal surround, and goes into the fireplace opening as a unit.  Where it is  bolted to the fire brick on either side of the firebox. The metal surround covers the existing fireplace facade about 1 1/2" all around the opening. The doors are a 1/8" thick laser cut panel front and back with (1/8" x 1/8" open) screen in the center. This is high carbon screen used in grading aggregate for the rock crushing industry. The art work design was developed by the Interior Designer and incorporated in the laser cut panels. The doors are welded all around the perimeter and ground flush to present a solid edge. The door has a magnetic latching mechanism.  The doors clear space, or art work can be developed to meet the client's preferences.


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